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July 12, 2010

the Final night

first thing i wanna say is
"what the Fuck with the octopus"?
it makes everyone believe with that projection
even the some MB believe too..ha..
so now..even octopus can decide which team loose
at the final night
there is organisation that willing to find an octopus..maybe there got it from pasar malam or pasar ikan..hahahaha
and than there put in the aquarium than place a flag of Holland and Spain
but the octopus is not just stay at Spain flag the octopus keep in round and round
so what should i say
anyway last night match are so exciting i guest..or the horrible strategies..huh
Spain was the strong team with attacking that so powerful but cannot more than one sad..but Holland should proud of them self..
they are good footballer also the good actors ..
anyway congrats to Spain and Holland too..
dont be so 4 years u can be the winner if there is any luck..haha
anyway..i am not the coach..why should say something better for them and what not..
they the player so play..and make score and i will smile to them..if not..i can heard a criticize all the time..huhu..


Adidas Golden Glove Award
Iker casillas from spain

Adidas Golden Ball Award
Diego forlan from Uruguay

Thomas Mueller from Germany
Adidas Golden Shoe Award & Best Young Player Award

Last man of The Match
Andres Iniesta from Spain

Winner FIFA 2010 & FIFA fair Award
credit to FIFA and Google

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