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February 27, 2011

to make u feel better

white does not makes u better
black does not makes u bad
its all about your act
for now people care about

  • how shiny & soft your skin are
  • how skinny u are
  • how clever u are
  • what have been u achieve
  • how much money u make
  • how big your house are
  • what dress u wear
  • how much their are
  • hows your work
  • are u taken dip,degree or phd
what the tutttt with all that..
i'm not perfect
i cant speak English like u do
i cant even spell my name in Spanish
an a year ago
there is one person that always think that he makes a good job than others
maybe he not think it but i can see that when he react in some situation
when we got an assignment 
the work that we have finish he will check it up and edit it
i think that was OK..
he do got talent to be a leader or something but he shows us that he underestimate us
yeah maybe i do not know how to do it
but u can just show me how to do
don't just go talk to others 
"hey,that guy is stupid ,he cant even say his name in Italian.."
who do u think u are?
king or something?

yup..people do got a same brain that u got 
but people don just think like what we think right now or second ago
some of u do
but some not..
that why democracy happen..right?
so just be calm 
istighfar more and more till the time no more
Allah will always be with you..

have a wudhuk(kitkat)
have a break

kalau x jawab dosa kalau jawab "sayang" <-- i feel funny about this line that their use it..on utube or some others blog..but its kind a sweet..haha

wahhh..tahun post
kata member ak 1XX something taboleh jadi penulis..jadi ak lagi truk..haha
anyway thanks to follower and u has read this..
its kind a is? u make a choice,,hihi
sampai berjumpa lagi..:)

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